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GIS Talents is a Ukrainian provider specializing in providing experts with advanced GIS skills and knowledge to businesses, both big and small, around the world. The talent we offer includes primary developers and software engineers, cartographers, remote sensing experts, geocoders, geographical data entry professionals and more. We have access to a large pool of experts in Eastern Europe. All talent is thoroughly vetted, ensuring businesses can find the right candidates for their projects. Our hiring process is also simple, but effective and we work with businesses and their candidates every step of the way, assuring successful partnerships.

Types of GIS Experts Available

When it comes to GIS projects, there are many different tasks that need to be completed to ensure success. For this, different types of talent are required.

Our GIS Talents Team can source the following experts:
  • GIS developers These developers design and implement applications used to support GIS data
  • Remote sensing and earth observations consultants These consultants help to detect and monitor the physical characteristics of an area to be integrated into a GIS
  • Spatial data management analysts Spatial data management analysts help to identify trends in data, create new relationships from data, and view relationships between datasets
  • GIS visualization experts These experts design, develop, and implement systems and databases to access and manage geospatial data
  • Web mapping experts Web mapping experts use the technique of utilizing maps obtained by an information system to access spatial and geographical data
  • Geo app developers These developers create applications for smartphones that use positioning services as a core function
  • Digital cartographers These experts create detailed digital maps that give accurate representations of a particular area
  • Geo coders These coders use computational processes by which a physical address is transformed into geographic coordinates
  • Geo data entry specialists They assess, manipulate and modify geospatial third-party data sets to construct alignment with schemas
  • Geographical data labeling specialists They use the process of identifying raw data and adding one or more meaningful labels to provide context and train AI

How to Hire GIS Specialists with Us

Share your needs

We help you identify your unique requirements

Review CVs of consultants

We provide CVs of candidates as well as their rates to review

Invite candidates to interview

You choose and invite suitable consultants to interview

Start the collaboration

Once you've selected the best candidates, we help you start the partnership
Find the right candidates effortlessly and hire the top GIS consultants with us!

Tasks GIS Specialists Can Help You With

We provide access to a large talent pool of experts with proven expertise with various GIS technologies. Usually such consultants solve the following tasks for our clients:

  • Using GIS technology to solve certain problems, such as enhancing service delivery or efficiency
  • Consulting clients on how to source data for a project, including doing fieldwork such as surveys
  • Delivering GIS analysis for projects
  • Developing GIS-based scripts, models and other tools
  • Designing tailored maps using computer software such as AutoCAD, ArcGIS or MapInfo to envision data
  • Identifying, designing, and certifying key GIS workflows
  • Communicating best practices for building and maintaining GIS
  • Implementing and ongoing maintenance of GIS
  • Creating a detailed analysis of complicated issues using GIS technology
  • Offering GIS mapping support for reports and future proposals
GIS Consulting Services We Can
Offer Your Business

No matter the size or type of your project, we can help you source the right consultants to complete the job successfully. You simply have to identify the right solution for your project.

Part-time Consultancy from a Senior-level GIS Consultant

If you have a small project or one that requires part-time assistance, a part-time consultancy solution is ideal for you. With this solution, we will source a highly experienced senior GIS consultant that will work with you on a part-time basis to complete certain tasks. This solution is perfect if you want more control over your project and if you don't have the in-house capacity to complete a GIS project.

Full-time Dedicated GIS Consultant

If you have a bigger project that requires full-time assistance, a dedicated GIS consultant is ideal for you. With this solution, you get access to a highly skilled and experienced GIS expert or team of GIS consultants that will help you complete tasks within your timeline and budget. They will bring advanced knowledge and skills to your project to ensure you achieve all your goals. With this solution, you don't need any in-house software or hardware resources, as the consultants will bring everything needed to complete tasks with them.

Want to hire GIS consultants for your next project? We will select the best part-time or full-time GIS consultants for your unique business requirements.
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